Tuesday, July 24, 2007

digital story telling

The real nice thing about digital story telling is that it reaches every student. It allows them all to be heard and allows them to tell a story they are passionate about. Or allows them to show off their wild side or any side they wish to show. And then talk about hitting the multiple intelligences and the diversity in the classroom, this helps.
From the session that I came in late to the other day I took in one thing stronger than the other,and that was that the ear connects 20,000 fibers to the brain while the eye connects 1,000,000 fibers to the brain. Talk about engaging and reaching kids in a super exciting way. Wesley also talked about how we must prepare students for the new media centered world and that now students are not just consumers of info. but active creators. And it makes sense because kids can easiliy create movies powerpoints etc and post on the web for potentially millions of viewers. It also says alot to me, because I have to admit that before I joined this class I didn't know that a wiki was produced by everybody. I have used tons of sources from wikiepedia in many of my classes and just plain never knew how it was made. The other positives of specifically digital story telling is a quote from Wesley again that said it connects to any student in any subject. And that works well for the board office types that maybe don't see the aspect of technology integration as useful in the classroom. And lastly that after now just producing my first movie on photostory and having worked on Mac's version I realize both are easy and will be tons of fun for all students regardless of age and ability. Brian Nenson 3rd yr Ed student.


Amber said...

Hi Brian! I just watched your video and really enjoyed it! I was smiling and laughing the whole way through. You have a great sense of humour and a beautiful family! I admire your dedication and ability to balance your lifestyle.

Anne said...

Hi Brian,

You have some terrific posts - very thoughtful and you are seeking ways to apply what you are learning with kids. That's the best part.

I'm a long time elementary teacher who is now at Georgia State University. I still get to do projects in the schools and blogging with them has proven to be a most effective way to get them engaged and thinking. You can really build a great learning community that gives them ownership in ways that were not possible in the past. Check out my blog projects with kids (mostly elementary) at http://anne.teachesme.com/my-weblog-projects/

Great ideas in your "text refelection 2". Get your kids reflecting too. They don't get enough opportunities for this and it is important.

Best to you.....


Jane said...

Hey Brian, I wasn't able to view your video from your blog, but I was able to see it from Dean's blog. You did a great job!
3rd year! There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Your family must be proud of you!