Thursday, August 9, 2007

More Digital

More things I have bookmarked in my mind to talk about from Dean's powerpoint presentation are the fact that we have to teach kids to be responsible digital citizens. To learn to find more than one source to make something true, to not leave any personal information out on the web and even to stay on top of technology advances that are really out there to make our lives easier(or that's what I'm finding with blogs, rss etc.). Also that it would be nice to have more open source software that have the abilities to keep up with microsoft etc. Firefox seems to run way better on most machines than windows explorer. I think the comment was "share everything" and it makes sense especially from a learning perspective. The best comment of all was that in the future we will get 15 minutes of anonymous instead of 15 minutes of fame. This really does hit the nail on the head because with everybody publishing on the web their own movies and videos, and collaborating with wiki's blog's and rss feeds we will all be famous. Well famous enough for the world to see and read about us, learn from us and move farther forward and faster than without us. If this isn't fame I don't know what is and it is truly awesome. Brian Nenson 3rd yr Ed student

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