Monday, August 6, 2007


I'm a little behind in the class, but I should be caught up by tomorrow which is our Tuesday session. I looking forward to this because finally I have the night off and can attend the whole session. I also want to tell everybody about the best and worst vacation I've every taken, but I can't find my USB (A) cord to download my pictures so I have to wait until I unpack it tomorrow.
Anyway on to some serious business about RSS's. I have just recently finished reading the chapter on RSS's and once again I am star struck on how cool this is. Simplifing a search is going to save huge amounts of time, but also keep up to date with things that are not even education related. For example I'm a huge hockey fan, but especially during the year there are times when trades and things happen and not aware of for many days because I can't keep visiting team websites. This way the info is brought to me with one place to check for all my teams and there are RSS links for CFL, NFL and probably other sports that I don't care about. I was explaining this to my brother how RSS's works and he was lost just like me, but about 40 minutes later he called me up and had a reader and was loving it just like me.
OK I know what your thinking lame Blog if you don't relate it to education since this is the reason most of us are here. Here I go..... what if we introduced parents to RSS's and then sent school websites, wiki's, blogs and everything else right to them directly. WOW talk about collaboration with parents they would know everything from expectations to assignment dates all by opening their reader. Making parents then aware of email addresses and wiki's abilities and you should be able to talk with parents more often then two parent/teacher conferences a year. More communication equals less problems and all this would take would maybe be a in-service night at the beginning of the year to show parents how RSS works(for those that don't already know) and your laughing all the way to the bank. Very cool. Brian Nenson 3rd yr Ed student.

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Shareski said...

Yes! It's not about education in a traditional sense it's about personalized learning. I love the introduction you gave to your brother about hockey.
This is how it must be introduced to students...make it relevant for them. ..use it as a learning tool for anything.
I think RSS will become more of a natural thing as it's embedded into email programs and other applications such as facebook.

Great stuff...appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to having you with us tomorrow.