Thursday, August 9, 2007

Digital Life vs. Life Digital

This was a very interesting article, but it's very hard to predict what will happen in the future. I'm talking about the new Mac phones that are supposed to change the way we view the net on our cell phones. I have worked with both pc's and mac's and there are definite positives and negatives to each. Pc's seem to have more tech problems, but have such a wide range of software you deal with the headache. Mac's on the other hand have very few operating issues, but have limited amounts of software (which they are getting better) to play with. Anyway I found the article cool and like I said it will be interesting to see it play out. Brian Nenson 3rd yr Ed student

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Shareski said...

To me the blurring of our digital life (the digitizing and creation of virtual worlds)and the virtual worlds becoming more real is call for educators to continue to teach concepts of literacy. By literacy I'm not talking strictly about text but about understanding meaning and value in a variety of forms.

At times it's sounds very surreal but it's becoming a critical issue for us to deal with..if that makes any sense.