Monday, August 6, 2007

wiki while you work

YEH HAA! The more I learn about wiki's the more I like them. I just made my first one today and although there is no real information on it it's just amazing to me how easy it was to make, to edit, to add comments, and change info. Mark Wagner's utube movie introduction really helped with moving through making my first wiki, pain free. Which I really like, thanks Mark. Beyond the fact that Mark showed me step by step how to get a wiki up and going is beyond what else was said in his video. He talks about using wiki's straight across the grade levels which is huge for me who has always been looking towards the lower grades. He also shows how all teachers and or all students contribute and corroborate together. Awesome awesome awesome. Hmwiki and Techtips are awesome helping tools and I think that even if a lot of old schoolteachers looked at implementing this stuff it's not as hard as it looks. His wife gave a good shot in the arm for Firefox which I like to hear because it is my web browser by choice.
If you could handle the chirping of the birds which for some reason bugged me Dave (i can't remember his last name) had some great ideas for high school students that cuts down on plagiarism and makes teachers partners with students in the learning process.

Most of all There was WIKI-MAN(you know who you are) which I thought was the greatest song ever....NOT, but in a fun way, absolutely. I really liked the heavy metal umlaut wikipedia post that showed that when vandals arrived and started corrupting the page it was in some cases under a minute to get the site returned to it's regular state. This means lots to us as future teachers because we can hopefully avoid any of these vulgar situations and or use them to talk to the kids about digital vandalism. I like also the fact that heavy metal umlaut won't be found in encyclopedia Britannica.

Lastly I don't know if I've missed something on one of Dean's videos called "perros wiki wiki", but that teenage girl dancing in front of the camera for 3 minutes seemed what we are all trying to keep our children and students away from. Maybe there was a message I missed or I'm taking this out of context, but I thought it was very distasteful and extremely inappropriate. I have a 13 year old daughter and maybe this is why I am even posting something about this and not just dismissing it. This should be removed immediately.

Brian 3rd yr Ed student


Shareski said... me out, peros wiki wiki? Where did you find that? If there's something that ought not to be in my material, let me know. It could have been done by others.

Brian said...

I still up and posting so I'm glad you responded. On your wiki site about five movies in there is a movie of some young teeenage girl dancing. it's bad. I thought I missed some message but didn't want to watch it again so I got my wife to watch it and she was more upset about it then I was. I figured it was a utube thing and not something that you posted. In any case it should be removed. Brian

Shareski said...

Sorry Brian...I can't find the video you're referring about you just delete it and then leave a comment telling why you did..that's what's great about wikis!